50. The Difference Between A Token & A Cryptocurrency

There’s no denying cryptocurrencies have boomed in recent years. I mean that’s why you’re here, right? Yet many still don’t get the difference between a cryptocurrency, and a token. It’s about time we fixed that!

49. HODL Strategy Explained

Nope, it’s not a spelling mistake. Well, it initially was, back in December 2013. “I AM HODLING”, which was intended to be, “I AM HOLDING”. So that’s right, HODL! It’s a slang term that has been adopted by the Cryptocurrency Community. Which at its core means; Holding Cryptocurrency, Rather Than Selling It. I

48. Tools To Track Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Once you buy into Cryptocurrencies, you’ll find that you will quickly become obsessed with the price movements. Constantly checking your phone, seeing if you’re in profit, or, in loss. The markets are so volatile, and move so much daily, that this will become an addiction.

47. Bitcoin Uncovered @ Grand Central Malta

You've heard a lot about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies... But do you truly understand what it's all about? The technology behind? How to start trading? In this session at Grand Central Co-Working Space Malta I demystified all of that and more!

46. How To Secure Your Cryptocurrencies @ CoCoHub Malta

Security is one of the most fundamental aspects of this ecosystem! Yet... It isn't talked about as much as "How To Make Millions". Why? Because it's not as sexy as making millions. However, in this speech I gave at CoCoHub Malta, I dived into it!