Non-Techies Guide To Understanding The Web 3.0 Ecosystem & The Blockchain Technology Which Surrounds It!
1 Hour

Course Description

As you’re here, I’m assuming you’ve come across the term ‘web 3.0’?

If you’re thinking what the hell it actually means, you’ve landed in the right place.

Web 3.0 Is The Evolution Of The Web To Third Stage In Its Cycle...

The areas web 3.0 refers to are:

  • Connective Intelligence
  • Connecting Data
  • Concepts
  • Applications
  • People

More commonly the term web 3.0 is being connected with the blockchain. Hence it’s safe to assume that when a discussion of web 3.0 arises, blockchain technologies is what they’re referring too.

Specifically in this course we’re going to dive deeper into what Web 3.0 actually is, giving you more context to what you currently know as just a phrase. Diving deeper further more, into tools you can actively start using today which are helping to shape Web 3.0. Following which, for the developer in you, helping you understand the development tools making this all possible.

All in all, this course will be your complete guide to the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Our goal is to help you get started in the Web 3.0 ecosystem! 

See you inside...

Teachers / Speakers

Ravinder Deol
Certified Bitcoin Professional

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