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B21 Block is an online cryptocurrency & blockchain school, and since 2015 has been focussed on creating the highest quality educational products, on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We're here to help you join the cryptocurrency & blockchain ecosystem!

​Whether you’re goal is learn about bitcoin, start trading cryptocurrencies, become an ethereum developer, or understand blockchain technology on a theory, we are thrilled to be apart of your journey into this ecosystem.


The People That Make Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Education Come To Life

Ravinder Deol
Founder & Instructor
Ravinder creates products to help people learn about Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Tech. He has created B21 Block along with awesome partners. Currently based in Valletta, Malta. Originally from West Bromwich, UK.
Miguel Rivera
Project Assistant
IT specialist with experience working in networks, cybersecurity and web development. In recent years has been implementing blockchain technologies with a focus on DApps. He is originally from Puerto Rico.
Thomas Wiesner
​Blockchain Consultant
Thomas started working with Bitcoin 2012, and in early 2016 got involved with Ethereum. Thomas combined his programming and teaching skills, to create a more interactive way to help people develop smart contracts.
Rebecca Mora
Cryptocurrency Trader

As an autodidactic student of macroeconomics, austrian economics, and cryptocurrency trading. Rebecca understands the dynamics of the markets and how to capitalise from them.

Martin Moschitz
​Blockchain Enthusiast

Martin is passionate about the disruption blockchain applications will bring. He has founded his own software consulting company, and worked on a valuation framework for ICOs with MIT Media Lab.

Ofir Beigel
​Founder, 99 Bitcoins

Ofir discovered the world of bitcoin on April 2013, and since then has been a big supporter of the bitcoin community. He started 99 Bitcoin to provide practical non-technical guides for bitcoin newbies.